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Watch karma stomp out her retribution, her truths are her energetic levelling of everyone. The timelines manifest. We are vibrating in and out of each others lives, new earth birthing labor through , 9 months of pain, turmoil, euphoria and epiphany. The last membrane , the final quantum leap of is just around the corner. We can feel the stirrings, see popping up again. Take the leap confidently, trust your instincts will land you on the right spot. The natural world spells out our timelines.

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The old matrix is being reprogrammed, upgraded, to higher vibratory fields. We experienced a massive surge in original blueprint coding activation when the light matrix was plugged into the mainframe. Tribal truths of our ancient past are coming back online. We will attain technological advancement, intergalactic travel, in symbiosis with tribal compassionate connectivity. We will view ourselves as a Whole not a divided, chaotic, hate filled, disparate society.

Separation of our energetic realities is occurring. We are earthing, grounding, anchoring, committing to a higher state of BEing. We will choose when to interact with lower dimensional realities. We will have more say in how our lives are run energetically. The mainframe is now in a space of steadying, of stabilizing under its new management.

The light matrix was weaved to mirror the dark matrix. The Intergalactic Federation recognized in that the population were not ready for full disclosure. Maintaining their comfort zone, the matrix created contextual fabric of reality, was deemed necessary. Implants, modifications, chips in our brains to limit memory and expansion of consciousness were too deeply rooted in the collective psyche.

Fear was the core coding engineered to maximize our vulnerabilities, insecurities and weaknesses in a system honed to feed the never satisfied cravings of the devil and his gang. Enough of us on the material plane raised our vibrations to break the programming, unplugging from matrix algorithms designed to lock our souls into a perpetual recycling machine, dumbing us down to obedient, mindless sheeple.

Woke folk broke the matrix. Fusion of the woven light matrix with the holographic 3d matrix was complex and sophisticated. We are running tests, checking everything has merged as we engineered. Light pulses of love frequencies are replacing fear algorithms. The matrix is in complete disarray yet continues to function due to the mirroring of its infrastructure in the weaving of the light matrix.

Containment and stabilizing the mainframe are the priorities for now. We anchor our dreams, we put the effort into expansion of Self, in these coming weeks, to embed in higher vibratory fields through the portal. Once this portal is complete and we have made the leap into our new lives, our new head spaces, our new emotional frequencies, then we can direct our compassion to the sleepers.

For now we should be focused on Self, building and creating lives that reflect our humility, our gratitude and our zest for being human on Gaia at this momentous time!

Available Readings

Red pill people chose to raise their vibrations and break free from the matrix. Blue pill people choose to deny truthers, remaining locked in dis-comfort zones of dis-ease and dis-traction. Blue pill people deny their own divinity, allowing their ego fueled sense of self to be their dominant characteristic. Red pill woke folk have spent a lot of time trying to enlighten blue pill people. The seeds are sown, a lot of work has been done. We must pull back all our energies now. We are the priority. Those who resist truth, refuse love and maintain spaces of envy, ego and judgement can be given a wide berth in the coming weeks.

Theirs is a determinedly low vibration tinged with growing panic and confusion. By projecting their denial and delusion onto us, they become watchdogs of the matrix, mini mind controllers, gaslighters, for the elite. Their darker energies will attack, push back at our light. Avoid energetic warfare, drama, with sleepers, their demons are in the driving seat, their confusion is theirs alone.

Enough lightwork has been done to give all a fair chance at awakening. Step back and rest from the seed sowing mission, allow it, detach, observe, wait and watch to see if love grows, flourishes or blossoms. The silent rapture has happened. Revelations are the space we inhabit. Assimilation is our energetic blueprint upgrading to align with Gaia as she climbs the ascension field.

Plant feet firmly on the ground. Be ready for the push when it comes. Be open to synchronicity, gifts from the universe to help us shed those last remnants of the old 3d us. Equinox energies of death and rebirth can be channeled, ritualized to assist our enlightenment. Be ready to rise like phoenix, to watch our seeds grow in a blissful space of no fear. We are doing this. Next quantum leap will align with the full moon Transcendence with all the enthusiasm, fire and wonder of Aries vibration.

We are in the final stages of labor. One more membrane to push through. The last quantum leap gateway of will open in October. Be ready to jump cosmic friends. The old paradigms will fade out, rationality will be established as the primary frequency of political and economic infrastructure. The Shift will be energetic and palpable. Blue pillars will feel the quakes as the portal opens and we jump.

Its put your money where your mouth is, cards on the table time. Light or dark.

Ascension Field Is Aligning To 5D Baseline Vibration

Love or hate. Peace or war. Heaven or hell.

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Red pill or blue pill. The rat likes monkey's games and talent for wit. Interpretation of the 11 leo symbolic degree.

Alexandra Tarot Gemini February Love Reading

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