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She had the reputation for either coming up with incredible information, or being way off the mark. He uses psychic abilities to communicate with the dead that James is certain he was born with. He considers himself a ghost whisperer that believes that he can heal grief over lost loved ones by helping people to believe in the hereafter. His claims to be able to communicate with famous celebrities right after they die has brought him fame through controversy.

In this show, Lisa travels across the United States helping common people resolve issues with loved ones who have passed away. She also demonstrates her ability to do everyday psychic feats, such as finding lost objects. Lisa Williams lives in Los Angeles and is one of the few clairvoyants to pierce the celebrity veil, but has also paid a heavy price for that fame, including a series of fraud charges. Walter Mercado After 15 consecutive years on the air, the ultra flamboyant Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado may very well be the most internationally successful television spiritualist of them all.

For almost a decade his ads and shows ran on Univision, one of the largest Spanish language channels in the world. Cancer is who we are at home.

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One deals with plans, the other deals with feelings. One is disciplined, the other is hungry. One is on his best behavior, the other more genuine. It is interesting that we have festivals of light at the dark time of year. This is just what we need. In the natural chart, Capricorn is the highest sign. Our eyes are drawn upward.

The looking up of Capricorn can also have a spiritual quality. The darkest time of year is associated with the highest place.

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Capricorn is an interesting combination of darkness, light, realism, earthiness, and the spiritual. Finally, since Capricorn is the highest sign and Saturn has the highest orbit of the visible planets, Capricorn and Saturn express the ultimate, the best, the finest of any thing. Now lets look at what other astrologers say about Capricorn.

Allan Oken says that Capricorn is a sacred sign due to the increase of daylight that starts after the solstice and due to the choosing by cultures of this time of year to celebrate the birth of Mithra and of Christ. He notes that the knees, ruled by Capricorn, are a symbol of agility in the upward climb. He defines this sign as funny but not jolly. Capricorn is also prone to worry and depression, and needs more faith. Capricorn is big corporations and universities.

And Capricorns seek the power of the state. Capricorn is business and government.

【人気No.1】 門扉 錠 取手 LIXIL リクシル ヴィア・ル シリーズ【鋳物プッシュプル MA錠ダブルロック仕様 両開き用取手単体 交換用】 割引発見

They are traditional and marry for love and prestige. They want money for power and use it; Taurus holds it. Negative qualities are: miserly, demanding, unsympathetic, secretive, dictatorial, overly ambitious, opportunistic, and overly fond of prestige. Kathleen Burt says that Capricorn is full of aughts and shoulds. She also notes that the last 4 signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces represent: universal truth, universal government, universal humanity, and universal divine love. She continues with a Jungian notion that an old living father can delay a child stepping into power.

The child may become Pan-like, a perennial adolescent who is free spirited and spontaneous. Both Pan and the old living father are Capricorn. Finally, like Virgo, Capricorn wants perfection.

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Virgo is particular, Capricorn is the highest sign. Isabelle Hickey says that Capricorn needs unselfish love. She feels that Capricorn can be a scape goat, alienated and dumped on. She says that Capricorn is the hardest worker in the zodiac but feels inadequate. They may be too limited and too disciplined and, in the climb to the top, may overlook joy. Zondag notes that Capricorn wants to make the world safe and wants physical security.

Allen Leo says that Capricorns, at best, are true servants of humanity. He describes them as being self conscious and knowledgeable about the state that they are in. Negative qualities are: morose, cold, distant, gloomy, greedy, and deceptive.

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I am also ruled by Neptune and Pluto makes good aspects to the planets mentioned. Mars Neptune by itself is not an indicator always of psychic abilities. It can relate to film, marine activities, poetry, working with the disadvantaged and underprivileged, many things.

It does however produce charisma apparently especially in men i. Bill Clinton for instance and perhaps in Libra it is also helped. He is supposed to have it and I have met him and didnt feel it. But then again I am his astrological twin!!!

Sylvia Brown Horoscope

I never cared for Sylvia. But I caught her one day in on Montel. She said that in New York would be dark, covered by a cloud for 40 days and 40 nights. She stated she had no idea what that was or what she was seeing. On and the darkness we had here in NY for weeks, I believed she did see that. The reason that I don't have a criminal record is not because I haven't been caught stealing I have found that, in my situation at least, the square between these two planets has caused me to learn to focus my attention without distraction, to concentrate upon a subject to the end that absolutely nothing breaks that concentration.

I look upon astrology as a tool for personal evolution Last edited by Moggy; at PM. I still don't know whether this woman is a psychic or not, but I do know that I have found several inconsistencies that she's said. I remember hearing her say a while back several years that she was unable to predict anything about people close to her, and that she wouldn't be able to give psychic readings or anything to Montell.

However, more recently, I remember her telling Montell on air that he was going to get married soon or something like that actually, I think it was something to do with his marriage planner or something , which I found hilarious given that she had stated that she didn't get any psychic "Feelings" or was able to predict anything about people close to her and clearly stated that she wouldn't be able to do that for Montel since he was close to her. Last edited by James1; at PM. All times are GMT.

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